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Say Goodbye to Employment Headaches and Hello to Cost-Effective


Welcome to Karen's HR Company, providing specialized services for small businesses in managing their people and developing a positive workplace culture.


As an HR professional with expertise in managing the day-to-day employment needs of small companies, I provide support in managing HR responsibilities. With my services, you can easily tackle administrative HR functions while staying focused on your core business.

Let's work together to improve the performance of your business and its culture.


My HR program offers customized solutions to meet your business's unique needs. Whether you need short-term advice on specific HR topics or long-term strategic planning, my comprehensive services can help. With my expertise and guidance, you can ensure that your HR processes are efficient while maintaining a positive work environment for your employees.


Let me help you take care of the employment functions so that you can focus on growing your business!

"Karen is an excellent business partner and Human Resources Manager. Not only is Karen easy to work with, she is also extremely knowledgeable. She expects the best from her business partners and delivers the same. I highly recommend Karen to a future business partner."

Matt Rasmussen - Edgelink

"Karen is a dedicated and trusted Human Resources Business Partner. She is passionate about her work and cares deeply about her clients and their employees. She brings a positive attitude and enthusiasm to everything that she does. She is engaging, self-motivated, and reliable and has built long-lasting business relationships."

Mary Lou True - Moda Health

"Karen can be counted on as a trusted partner to get things done, and her accomplishments are accompanied by an unrivaled enthusiasm that is motivating to everyone privileged to be on her team."

Steven Gray - SoftSource Consulting


Get Started with Karen

Karen's HR Company is the perfect partner for all of your Human Resource needs. Whether it's creating a tailored HR strategy and policies, handling difficult employee issues, or developing compliant recruitment processes, Karen's HR Company provides effective and reliable HR solutions that are tailored to each business's individual needs.


I recognize and value the importance of understanding your business's workforce functions ​so we can apply immediate and effective results that make sense for you.


Together, we can create a streamlined program and grow and sustain a cohesive organizational culture, so you can focus on what you do best... your business!

Click here to learn more about working with Karen.


Simple HR Solutions For Small Business Owners

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