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Helping Small Business Owners focus on their...


Karen's HR Company is a women-owned boutique human resources outsourcing and consulting company designed to improve employee management and human resources systems within any small company.

Small business owners started with a dream or an idea, then the dream became a reality.  They didn't go into business to deal with the headaches of managing people. My approach is simple. I take on the HR responsibility so you don't have to. Working with me, you have more time to focus on growing your company and doing what you love.

There is a significant return on investment in working with an HR professional. Let me help you grow your company!  


My Mission


I work hard to be the trusted HR Business Partner in the workforce functions of each client’s business.  I develop solutions that are uniquely designed, supported, and maintained specifically for each client.    

My Goal

It is my number one goal to be the trusted HR Business Partner.  As partners, we work together to create processes that are easily managed and make sense for each client’s unique business needs.

My Core Purpose

You can trust that I will be there when you need me most.  I recognize and value the importance of understanding and defining the needs of each client so we can apply immediate and effective results that make sense for you.


Get Started with Karen

Discover how working with a Human Resources Business Partner can help your organization reach its goals.


* Learn how effective Employee Management can create a cohesive work environment.


* Uncover the benefits of having a Human Resources Coach for managing staff.


* Get the inside scoop on how a Human Resources Consultant can assist with communication and documentation.


* Find out how Human Resources Outsourcing can lead to corrective action efforts.

Click here to schedule a free consultation with me.

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